SH 1000

Unisex Shoulder Harness

The SH1000 is an extremely versatile covert radio carrying solution. It is not only covert but overt in that it can be worn over a shirt and under a jacket. This garment has been successfully tried and tested in the field by both male and female surveillance individuals and is specifically tailored to suit their requirements.

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  • An ambidextrous garment to suit both male and female surveillance individuals.
  • An Overt and Covert garment.
  • Wickable Fabric, lightweight and breathable similar to sport performance clothing.
  • Lockable zips, so they do not rattle when walking briskly or running.
  • Strategically placed Velcro tabs for wire management control.
  • Velcro openings to assist in wire management to radios.
  • Elastic straps inside pockets to hold radios in place.
  • Velcro tabs strategically placed for ease of locating microphones and/or inductors.
  • A one size fits all garment.

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